Hi there, welcome to Sophie Isobel!

Let me just get any niggles out the way;

PR Samples and Reviews

Any review of a product I do, is off my own back - I will only review products on my blog if it fits and I feel readers will benefit from it - other wise it will not be on the blog. Like wise, I do not accept money/other compensation for a positive review.That just ain't cool, my friend. If it's a positive review, then it's because I genuinely like the product and feel it's worth writing about.

Any PR samples I receive and choose to review (again, only if it's worth reviewing,) will be marked with a * clearly on the post and explained at the bottom of the post. If you feel like you have a product that my readers would enjoy please feel free to get in contact with me, all details of which you can find here. 

Sponsored Posts

Occasionally I might have a sponsored post (in which I may be paid, gifted or even have a giveaway in compensation for a post,) come up on the blog - but it will be marked with a * and then explained fully at the bottom of the post. I will not put any sponsored posts on my blog that aren't in keeping with this blog, if I feel they do not benefit my readers.


Any photos on the blog which are not mine are ALWAYS linked back to the source of where I found it! 

Photos that are my own (pretty much 99.9% of them...) should you wish to use them yourself for something, please ask for permission first and of course be linked back to this little blog. Thank you!


If you feel like we'd be a good fit and you'd like to advertise on my blog, then please feel free to contact me.

Thank you.